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frontend developer


Ankara, Turkey


Hello, I'm a software engineer who is interested in UX/UI Design. I love creative stuff, so I believe graphical things will be in my career along with programming.

Here some information about myself: I was born in Izmir in March 1995. [You should visit Izmir if you haven't] I graduated from Bilkent University (Computer Science BSc) at January 2019. I've been living in Ankara for seven years and I think I'll be here for a while. Playing video games such as Hearts of Iron IV, Civilization or Cities Skylines relaxes me. [If you're playing too, you can add me on steam.] I adore listening to music. Music helps me to experience my feelings intensely. You can follow my most popular spotify lists below.


Software Engineer interested in UX/UI Design, Graphical Design and Human Computer Interaction. Familiar with VueJS, TypeScript, React Native, Java, Figma and Adobe Photoshop. My aim is to contribute Frontend Development of various systems such as mobile apps, games or websites.

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(Not updated Since 2019)


Bilkent University

2013 - 2019

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Computer Engineering

Comprehensive Scholarship (Ranked 1550 in National University Exam)

Çakabey High School

2009 - 2013



Frontend Dev [2020 - Now]

Mostly helping over the design, development and implementation of Frontend modules of various projects with using VueJS Framework.

Biste Design

Frontend Dev (+ sort of Co-founder) [2019 - Now]

Biste is a design startup that gathers unique designs and gives commission to designers of selling designs. The selling items are various items such as printed T-Shirts, posters or stickers. To establish our MVP, we bought a Wordpress template and I edited it by using CSS and some plugins to suit our requirements.


Intern [2017]

Completed labs and tasks about the software technologies used in most projects of Veripark such as C#, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, TypeScript and Angular.js.

Bilişim Limited

Intern [2016]

Worked on a web-based Java application with using Oracle SQL and Java EE.

general skills

VueJS 65%

TypeScript 35%

React Native 25%

Angular 15%

Java 45%

Figma 40%

Adobe Photoshop 35%

Adobe illustrator 20%



Biste Design

Biste is a e-commerce startup that gathers unique designs and ensures a passive income for designers of them. Designs are not sold, instead various items on which designs are printed such as T-Shirts, Hoodie, Posters and Stickers are sold.


  • MVP
  • Wordpress
  • Template
  • Woocommerce
  • Startup

NeYesem: Glutensiz
[Senior Project]

A mobile application which creates gluten-free diet plan to users with respect to their preferences and health information.


  • React Native
  • JavaScript
  • Google Cloud
  • Recommendation System
  • Firebase
  • Expo

Football Database Website
[CS 353 - Course Project]

A database website for the football related information.


  • Bootstrap
  • MySQL
  • PHP
GitHub Repo Link

Tank Mayhem: Desktop Arcade Game
[CS 319 - Course Project]

Turn-based, local multiplayer, 2D Tank game. My contribute includes mostly GUI parts of the project.


  • Java
  • Processing Library
  • NetBeans
  • GitHub
GitHub Repo Link

Sucoder: Desktop Sudoku Game
[CS 102 - Course Project]

A basic but multi-functional Sudoku game, written in Java. I contribute GUI parts (Frames, Panels, Listeners, Images etc.) and Music Player.


  • Sudoku
  • Java
  • WindowBuilder
  • Serialiazble
  • RHCP
GitHub Repo Link

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